Monmouth County Residential Hardscaping Keeps Nature Near

September 13th, 2011

Don’t let the onset of cool weather force you indoors. Century Contracting, LLC, Monmouth County contracting experts, can suggest residential hardscaping options that will increase the amount of time you can comfortably remain outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Residential Hardscaping Warms Monmouth County Nights

May we propose beginning with a patio?

Patios provide the perfect location to hold gatherings with family and friends. Installed now, they can still be used as a place to enjoy late summer cookouts. Plus, they offer the ideal spot to add residential hardscaping items and extend outdoor fun as summer turns to fall.

Possibly a patio with a fire pit?Residential Hardscaping

Fire pits create enough heat for you to dine comfortably under stars on a chilly autumn night in New Jersey. They also allow you to safely capture the beauty and grandeur of fire in your own backyard. A true naturalist may opt for a rustic wood-burning pit, while others might prefer a more modern flare with the “new aged” convenience of a gas start.

Monmouth County Residential Hardscaping Secures the Outdoors

Perhaps a patio with a fire pit, and then a rock wall?

Since you will be spending more time outdoors during the year, another Monmouth County residential hardscaping selection we would like to recommend is a scenic rock wall. A rock wall will allow you the ability to soak in the balminess of your new fire pit and enjoy the magnificence of your patio in private.

You can custom order any residential hardscaping to flawlessly match the ambience that you have already created. Contact us now to discuss these and many other ideas that will lend to you spending time outdoors in luxury, warmth, and privacy!


Monmouth County Residential Landscaping: Fantastic in Fall

September 8th, 2011

Spring passed and the residential landscaping you had dreamed of is still just a dream. You considered calling a Monmouth County contractor, but now that fall is here, you wonder if it is simply too late.

Residential LandscapingCentury Contacting, LLC is happy to tell you, “You are right on time!”

The days of believing residential landscaping can only be accomplished in spring or early summer are in the past. As it turns out, fall is a fantastic time to get those hardy plants, trees, shrubs, evergreens, and spring flowering bulbs into the ground.  It is also the ideal season for transplanting shrubberies or trees to a more opportune location.

Planting between mid-August and approximately six weeks before the first frost is often best for many perennials, bushes, and trees, as more roots are developed during the fall season than any other time the of the year. You are actually giving them a head start on next year, and when spring returns they will be vigorous and ready to provide beautiful flowers and foliage.

Monmouth County Residential Landscaping Adds Splendor and Appeal

We have more wonderful news to share. Not only will you be able to reap the aesthetic benefits of your new residential landscaping, but also a robust and well planned out landscape can increase the value of your Monmouth County, New Jersey home.

Once you have accepted the shocking truth that fall is a wonderful time for residential landscaping, stop daydreaming and contact us for a free consultation and estimate.


Century Contracting LLC launches new website

March 27th, 2011

Century Contracting LLC launched their new website today.

A Monmouth County contractor, Century Contracting LLC offers services including: custom home building, residential renovations, and home additions. We also provide residential landscape and hardscape services, as well as snow plowing, excavation, grading, and drainage work for homes and businesses in the central Jersey Shore area.

Check back often for the latest news regarding our company.

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